Fence Installation

We offer many different styles of both wood and vinyl fencing. Whether you are looking to improve privacy, security or the value of your home, then wood or vinyl fencing is for you. Let us help you build a custom fence that contours to the flow of your yard. We have the skills and knowledge to build any style of fence.

Fence & Deck Restoration

Have an older fence or deck that needs some attention? From replacing rotten boards to applying stain or waterproofing, we can help restore an existing fence or deck and make it new again.

Concrete Acid Staining

We can update your existing concrete by using an acid stain to add color and depth. Whether you want your patio or floor to blend in or stand out, we have the right color for you.

Wood & Vinyl Fencing

Having a tough time deciding to go with a wood or vinyl fence? We can help you with the pros and cons of both.

Wood fencing is an extremely cost effective and one of the most popular types of fencing due to its versatility. Colorado Springs neighborhoods have many different styles of homes, so designing a fence that doesn't clash with your home or those around you can sometimes be a challenge. Wood fencing is the easiest type of fence to customize color and style and is very durable.

A customized vinyl fence is a low maintenance option and is adaptable to your unique residential or commercial environment. Vinyl fences are known to stand the test of time, despite the sometimes harsh weather conditions. Are you trying to invoke the traditional "white picket fence" without the hassle of painting wood? A white vinyl fence can be customized to look like a white picket fence, and with the durability of the materials, you won't ever have to worry about picking up a paintbrush!

Fence and Deck Restoration

Want to make an update to the outside of your house without the cost of tearing out and installing new? We are here to help! We offer many different types of restoration options to help make your existing fence, deck or patio look new. Replacing broken or rotten boards and sanding and refinishing boards can be a quick and simple solution to updating your existing fence or deck.

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